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2015 WRX STi



Above are some pictures of the project so far. We are taking everything from a 2006 STi: Cosworth Engine, Drivetrain and Interior and putting it all into a little 1998 RS Body.


Warranty on your vehicle may be reduced or voided by the use of some of these products. This in no way translates to an assumption that the part or its modification is within compliance of your warranty. DO NOT assume that your warranty will cover stupidity, abuse or recklessness, regardless of what "someone told you". Be sure to inquire as to the affect of these parts on your new car warranty. Koby Import Auto, Inc. takes no responsibility for your purchase, use or installation of these products.

These performance parts have been designed and are intended for off highway application only. Installation of these parts on a vehicle intended for use on public roads may violate state or federal and many state laws and regulations including those related (but not limited it) emission requirements and motor vehicle safety standards. Federal and many state laws prohibit the removal, modification or rendering inoperative of any part of the vehicle system affecting emissions or safety. Violations may result in a fine of up to $10,000 per vehicle. In addition, installation of this part may void warranty coverage of your vehicle.

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